During lockdown you can travels by busses into your native place

The central government allows workers to go home

With the country having a lockdown till May 3, big news is currently coming from the central government. The central government has allowed people like trapped students and tourists, including workers, to go home. All the people will be delivered to their homeland by bus. In addition, all will be screened.

Allowed to return home

A lockdown is underway in the country to combat the Corona virus crisis. The lockdown has left some people stranded elsewhere in the country. These include migrant laborers, pilgrims, tourists and students. The Home Ministry has issued new guidelines for those trapped.

The Home Ministry has also issued guidelines in this regard by issuing an order today.

The central government has said in the guideline that all states will have to create a nodal authority and standard protocol to send and receive people. The register also has to be maintained for this.

If people in a group want to move from one state to another, they have to be sent by road by internal agreement.
Everyone will be screened and allowed to go only if no symptoms are seen Buses will be used to evacuate the trapped people. The bus has to be properly sanitized and all the rules of distance in the seating system have to be followed.

At the time of arrival the local system of the state will have to check the person and if they do not feel the need to be admitted to the hospital they will have to keep a home quarantine. They have to keep a constant watch on their health and use the health bridge for this.

Trapped students, devotees, workers will be able to go home

Following the demand of some states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, the Home Ministry has prepared new guidelines for the movement of migrant laborers, pilgrims, tourists and students stranded at different places. According to the new guideline, all the states and union territories will have to appoint their own nodal officers and deploy an SOP to bring back and bring back such trapped people.

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