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Today you will read Gujarati paheli with Answer | Funny Ukhanu written just below it. We have taken all care to not make any mistake but if you find any then do tell us.

If you know the answer, then definitely tell us by commenting below. Let’s see who gives the correct answer. If not, then by sharing what others give the answer.

Puzzles can help you if you want to strengthen your mind. Research has found that the more we use our brains to solve puzzles, the more our mental capacity increases.

Today Gujarati department has brought for you fun enlightening puzzles that will make your mind work out.

Funny Gujarati puzzles that will make you think
At the present time, people are becoming mentally weak, the only reason for which is the increasing means of communication. Today the means of communication have become so accessible that people do not have enough time to find a solution to any problem using their brain.

The solution to any problem today is found more and more through online and communication, due to which the person is becoming mentally weak and backward.

Until some time ago, children or human beings used to be so strong mentally because they would immediately solve all the problems or questions in their minds, because they would sit with their family and do mental exercises. He used to exercise his mind through various means like riddles, calculations etc.

Today we are going to carry on the same tradition and do brainstorming in the form of riddles here.

Gujarati paheli with Answer | Funny Ukhanu

Simple Solid Maths Puzzles – If this puzzle has compelled your mind, then share it with your relatives and friends and see what their answers come to.

If you know the answer to the question, then definitely tell us by commenting below.

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