Jignesh Dada Radhe Radhe

It is very important that we hear the story there. Whether the story is Srimad Bhagwat or Sri Ram Katha, hearing this holy speech from the mouth of the narrator, every person’s life becomes blessed. There are many storytellers in Gujarat who immerse the audience in the devotion of God by making the story interesting, along with giving life and social message, which will be useful in everyone’s life.

Today we will know about one such storyteller from Gujarat whose life was very miserable in the beginning but today he immerses the devotees in the devotion of Shri Krishna by lecturing Bhagavata Katha in the country and abroad. This narrator is Param Pujya Shri Jignesh Dada whom people also address by the nickname of Radhe Radhe. Bapu has done more than 150 stories so far. People are attracted towards Param Poojat Shri Bapu due to his virtues.

Today we will tell you all the things of his life which you will hardly know. It is known that Param Pujya Shri Jignesh Dada was born in Kariachad village of Amreli district of Gujarat on 25 March 1986. His mother’s name is Jaya Behin while father’s name is Shankar Bhai. Born in a modest family, Jigneshdada studied in Jafarabad near Rajula and is an aeronautical engineer.

Most importantly, he also studied Sanskrit in Dwarka and was also a teacher of Sanskrit. It is said that every person has some qualities, similarly Jignesh Dada was fond of bhajans and devotions and reading religious books from his childhood and because of this he chose to immerse his life in the devotion of Shri Krishna and started his elaboration of Shri Mad Bhagwat Katha. He made his first story at the age of 16 in the village. Since then till now they are making the stories interesting. He always has Bal Gopal’s idol with him in every katha and at the padharam of the devotees.


Jignesh Dada has a son who also inherited the virtues of bhajan bhakti and religious instincts. In the story of Param Pujya Shri Morari Bapu, his son sang hymns on the pulpit. You will all remember that video! Even so, Jignesh Dada’s brother Bandhi Maa Krishna met Sudama, he is Bhai Bandh, Dwarika’s Nath is my king Ranchod, he made me fall in love with him. Judge Ray Bhajans like these are very popular. Jignesh Dada currently lives in Surat with his family and is living a very luxurious and happy life.

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