Paheli (Ukanu) In Gujarati With answers

paheli (ukhanu) in Gujarati with the answer: Such puzzles are very necessary to increase the thinking power of children in maths and keep them diligent. All friends should make such puzzles as much as possible and if they are ready, they should reach out to as many people as possible.  Make friends take interest in maths and keep trying to increase their thinking. Such puzzles are often put in our Whatsapp group. Join my WhatsApp group and keep solving such puzzles which will increase our intelligence and make our thinking better.

🔲🔲🔲 + 🔲🔲 + 🔲 + 🔲 + 🔲 = 500
If we put a single number in all the squares above, the total becomes 500. The same number will come in all the squares.
There are many reasons why students have the most difficulty in learning. There may be many reasons why students do not have more difficulty in mathematics, but if such a small student arises, he will become interested in mathematics and his interest will increase.  If you are interested in Maths, then Maths is a very easy subject. Maths is a subject in which you can get 100 marks out of 100 marks and it is difficult to get in the subject, so Mathematics is also a hello subject.  Here’s how to solve it. Here’s the answer along with me. If you have to try again and again, if you don’t get the answer, you can see the answer.


Save us in our Lanka for math jokes and fireworks need to join in WhatsApp here you are put a photo of the sum  Increasing cars is the sum of the codes. One of the peculiarities is that you have to use the same number. That means the number must be the same. If you choose two, you have to select all the cells.  It is really difficult to answer. It is wrong to think like this. Solving such puzzles increases our thinking and reasoning a lot. Pay attention again. You will be able to choose the same number.  And not all friends have to use different numbers. Take the same number in all the boxes and finally, the sum should be 500.
Math explained, step-by-step
Paheli (ukhanu) in Gujarati With Answers (17)
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