Ramdebhai Virambhai Khunti Family

Today is the time to show off and make appearances, expensive clothes, hi-fi life, jobs and living abroad, but you will be surprised to know what the Meher couple of Porbandar did.

A Meher couple from Beran village in Rabandar, though living abroad, has left the hi-fi lifestyle and settled down in their hometown. They believe that it is better to live a life here in the natural environment and eat nutritious food than to live a hectic life eating junk food. 

The couple’s son Om also runs 4 to 5 kilometers daily in the wadis – fields. The family stays very healthy by consuming pure milk from domestic cows and buffaloes, curd, buttermilk, ghee and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Both Ramdebhai Virambhai Khunti and his young wife Bhartiben, who lived in Beran taluka of Porbandar and engaged in animal husbandry, were in good posts in England. The couple went to England in 2010. Where Ramdevbhai joined International Tourism Management with a B.Sc. While his wife did an Air Hostess course with British Airways at Heathrow Airport

After a son was born to the couple there, Tevo changed his mind and kept coming back from England to settle in his own village. Although Indians are ignorant of agricultural work, today they also milk buffaloes and organize all the work. And also does horse riding. This is said to be an inspiration for people who are crazy about settling abroad.

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